Our Philosophy


First ... Do No Harm

The Wisdom Wellness Center was established to provide a center for  promoting health, preventing disease and managing illness through holistic and complementary approaches. We believe that nutritional  deficiencies are at the core of the great majority of illness today, and should not be treated with prescription medications that often do more harm than good. Dietary correction and aggressive nutritional  supplementation can provide substantial relief for the majority of  people. This alone can often restore our remarkable, God-given, healing  capacity. 

As our practice has evolved, we have chosen to specialize in nutrition counseling, breast health and pain management. 

Our Primary Services

Nutrition Counseling


The right type of food, the right supplements, all in the right amounts can be life changing.

Infrared Breast Mammography


A totally safe, very effective method of detecting potential cancers.



High-tech, non-invasive pain relief for any and all types of pain issues.

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Wisdom Wellness Center

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