Covid-19 Update

IV Ozone is by far the most effective way to treat any virus!!  If you have been infected by any flu virus, including Covid-19, we can help.  Please read and listen to the information presented at this link by Dr Robert Rowen. 


10-Pass Ozone Now Available in West Michigan!


The Wisdom Wellness Center is very excited to present 10-Pass (Hyperbaric) Ozone Therapy to West Michigan.  At this time (early 2020), single pass ozone therapy is available in our area.  While still effective, 10-pass ozone can be literally 10 times more effective, and all in one appointment.   See information below about  the history of ozone therapy, what it is used for and how you may benefit.  Welcome to healing and rejuvenation through 10-Pass Ozone!!

10-Pass (Hyperbaric) Ozone

Why Medical Grade Ozone?

Why We Partnered With Zotzmann

Why We Partnered With Zotzmann


     Ozone is a short lived, reactive form of oxygen.  It is made by subjecting pure oxygen to an electrical discharge, which causes a portion of the oxygen (O2) to form ozone (O3).  In the body, ozone instantly reacts with blood to form peroxides, which exert healing effects on the body.  Groups of peroxides are called ozonides, which are stable enough to last from days to weeks, extending the therapeutic results.

   A simple method of introducing ozone into the body is called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH).  Blood is taken from the body using gravity, mixed with ozone and an anticoagulant, and then is dripped back into the patient.  

   The most powerful method of using Ozone is called the 10-pass method or Hyperbaric Major Autohemotherapy, blood is taken from the body with a slight vacuum, mixed with an anticoagulant and a higher concentration of ozone, then returned to the body under pressure.  The mixing of the ozone with the blood under pressure keeps the blood cells from damage, and using pressure, allows many treatments or “passes” to be done much more quickly.

   It appears that after 8 or more passes, stem cells are activated!  DNA telomeres are lengthened!  10-Pass Ozone is the ultimate anti-aging regeneration therapy!

Why We Partnered With Zotzmann

Why We Partnered With Zotzmann

Why We Partnered With Zotzmann


     On September 22, 1886,  Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla filed U.S. Patent 568,177 - Apparatus for Producing Ozone.   

    In 1911, Dr. Noble Eberhart, head of the Department of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University, in the “Manual of High Frequency Operation”, states that he used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout and syphilis.  

    As you can see, medical-grade ozone has been used for more than a century.  We chose the Zotzmann + Stahl, German-made machine for our 10-pass ozone therapy.  Industry-wide, the Zotzmann is considered to be the “Cadillac” of  ozone technology.  The Zotzmann is known for precision.  If you want 70 gamma ozone, you get 70 gamma.  Dr Robert Rowen, the most experienced ozone practitioner in the United States, will only use the Zotzmann machine for 10-pass therapy. 

For information junkies, here's an NIH review of ozone therapy: 

What Is 10-Pass Ozone Used For?

We will never tell you that we can "cure" anything.  However, ask an ozone practitioner what ozone can be effective for, the answer often is "I can't name anything it WON'T help!!"

Here's a short list:


  • JOINT PAIN:  Knees, Lower back, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, Neck
  • AGING:  Which is basically Early Onset Mitochrondrial Dysfunction
  • INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS: Arthritis, Bursitis, Nephritis, Cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Proctitis, Cystitis, anything ending in "itis"
  • AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES:  Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Raynaud's Disease, Scleroderma, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis
  • VIRAL INFECTIONS: HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza, Herpes simplex/zoster, Lyme Disease, Mononucleosis, Measles Infections, Shingles, Viral Pneumonia
  • BACTERIAL INFECTIONS: Pneumonia, Wound Infections, Septicemia (staph, strep, pneumococcus), Peritonitis, Recurrent skin infections, E-coli, Necrotizing infections
  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES: Heart conditions, Peripheral vascular disease, Gangrene, Vascular headaches, Migraines, Deep Vein, Thrombosis, Claudication, Diabetic Ulcers, Thrombophlebitis.  Hearing loss that is caused by poor circulation.
  • EYE DISEASES:  Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Primary Glaucoma, Optic Nervy Dysfunction, Keratitis, Iritis, Uveitis
  • SKIN DISORDERS: Psoriasis, Non-healing wounds, Severe Acne, Recurrent skin infections, Eczema
  • RESPIRATORY DISEASES: COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis
  • HEAVY METAL BODY BURDEN: Facilitates the removal of all heavy metals to include Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic
  • OTHERS CONDITIONS: Inactivation of Toxins, Mold, Fungal/Yeast Infections, Cirrhosis, Tetanus, Chronic Fatigue, Autism

While it is listed above, Lyme Disease warrants a special note.  It is difficult to diagnose, and difficult to treat with conventional medicine.  10-Pass Ozone has been shown to eliminate it from the body. 

Another note is for cancer.  Again, we cannot say that we can "cure" your cancer, but ozone is a powerful adjunctive therapy.   Through direct tumor-inhibiting effect of oxygen-ozone mixtures, by anti-tumor effect of oxygen-induced interferon production by enormous increase in immune cells and enzyme release. High dose ozone is able to reduce both primary cancer tumors and cancer metastasis. 

Want more?  Dr Robert Rowen is an early adopter of 10-Pass Therapy for his patients.  He started a YouTube channel where he posts testimonies and other information about 10-Pass. 


What to Expect During Your Visit


Before Your Visit

We believe that everyone would benefit from even a couple of passes of Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy (HOT).  Prior to making an appointment, we will do a phone interview to make sure you are a good candidate.  To optimize your results, we would prefer to have some basic blood labs available to review.  It has been shown that patients low in the thyroid hormone Free T3 do not have the same positive results as patients with optimal Free T3.

The Day of Your Appointment

Your Hydration Status is CRITICAL to having a successful appointment.  Plan to eat a light meal and drink TWO LITERS OF WATER (64 ounces) prior to your arrival for your appointment.  

What to Expect During Your Appointment

An IV will be started in your arm.  We must use the area around the inside of your elbow.  Hand veins will not be sufficient.  For people with small or "non-existent" veins, Dr Wisdom has an ultrasound device that can help locate a vein that will work.  Your HYDRATION status is critical!!

When using the Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy system, we draw blood up into the glass bottle, using a slight vacuum.  Once the bottle has 200 ml of blood, ozone is mixed into the blood.  Then the blood is returned to the body, under pressure.  Once the blood is returned, then the process starts over again and we can do this up to 10 times.

Other than perhaps having to change tubing due to blood clotting issues or changing the IV site, there are very few negative side effects during the process.

Some people have found that 3 to 5 passes are sufficient to feel better, while minimizing side effects.  You may feel energized, or experience a detoxification reaction as described below. If you feel a sensation of burning in your lungs, this indicates that the lungs have reached their maximum oxygen-carrying capacity, at which time, the treatment should stop. 

After Your Treatment

We use heparin in the bottle to reduce blood clotting, so for about 5 hours after your treatment you need to be cautious.  Don't fall and hit your head!  We will apply a pressure dressing to your arm.  Do not remove the dressing for about 3 hours.

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy super-oxygenates tissues, which allows the tissues to get rid of waste byproducts more effectively. This causes a detoxification reaction, sometimes referred to as a Herxheimer reaction. This detoxification reaction can exhibit in many different ways:


Chills or Fever                   Dehydration                     Dizziness                     Fainting

Fatigue                               Frequent Urination          Headache                   Hot/Cold Sweats



Some patients have   reported pink or cola-colored urine. This is NOT an emergency. This   will resolve within 24 – 48 hours. Drink more water.

How Often Should I Receive Hyperbaric Ozone?

The developer of 10-pass hyperbaric ozone therapy (HOT), Dr Johann Lahodny, believes that daily 10-pass therapy is not only safe, but preferred.  How often depends on what you are trying to accomplish with HOT.  Initially you may need a treatment once or twice a week.  Do you need constant treatment for a long period of time?  No.  During our training, we met a man with severe ulcerative colitis.  Once he stabilized his disease, he only needs quarterly sessions to maintain normal bowel function.  Just one of many, many stories.

What Will HOT Therapy Cost Me?

There are many practices with websites offering services, but few tell you pricing up front.  We want to be honest with you from the beginning.  We have invested a great deal of time, money and effort into our equipment and training.  We were advised to charge a flat rate of $1,000 per HOT session, regardless of the number of passes.  But, this is West Michigan!  So we have structured our services in a way will hopefully allow everyone access to this incredible therapy.

As mentioned above, people talk about "10-pass", but Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy (HOT) can be incredibly effective at lower doses.   In the beginning, you may be able to only tolerate 3 to 6 passes, due to possible detoxification reactions.  Our pricing structure is:

      $200 for the initial pass

      $100 each for passes 2, 3 and 4

      $50 each for passes 5 through 9

      $800 for a full 10-pass.  

Once you are acclimated, you may take advantage of our packages:

    3 HOT sessions  $2,000 (save $400)

    5 HOT sessions  $3,200 (save $800)

Packages are a set price, even if you cannot complete all 10 passes during your session.

There will be a $100 fee if you arrive in a dehydrated state and, because of that, we are not able to establish IV access.

For optimal results, follow your HOT session with a 15 gram vitamin C Myer Cocktail IV.  Normally $130. Following your ozone session, it’s yours for only $100.  For our clients who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, higher doses of vitamin C can be available.

Ozone therapy is not covered by insurance.  You may use HSA or FSA funds.