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Daryl and Cheryl Wisdom

We're sorry, but at this time we are ONLY accepting new thermography clients.  We do not accept insurance for this service, but will provide you will an invoice that has the correct billing codes for submission.

Daryl Wisdom, MD, FACEP, FAARFM. Dr. Daryl received his MD from  Michigan State University then completed a residency program in  Emergency Medicine at the University of Oklahoma in 1988. He has been  board certified as an Emergency Medicine physician since 1991. Daryl  became interested in nutrition as the centerpiece of overall wellness when Cheryl began having significant medical problems that traditional medical practitioners were not able to diagnose or treat. Finding  superior nutritional supplements clearly made a difference for Cheryl, and their journey into "alternative" medicine began. In 2009 he  completed an Advanced Fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine  through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Learn more  about A4M at www.worldhealth.net.  

Cheryl Wisdom, MS, RN, FAARFM, has been a registered nurse since  1984. She received her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Grand Valley  State University and her Master's Degree in Nursing Science from the  University of Oklahoma. She practiced as a medical surgical nurse for several years, until she sustained a back injury that required surgery.  From that point, her health went into a downward spiral. It took years of searching before she began to find answers. She completed the Advanced Fellowship with Dr Daryl in 2009. 

As Christians, we believe the Lord puts challenges in our lives for  many different reasons. For Cheryl, the road back to radiant health has  been long and full of potholes. We believe we have been called to share what we have learned with others.